Waste buckets “Cleanbox” range


Capacity: from 15,5L to 60 litres

Particularly recommended for movement and storage of dangerous and potentially infected sanitary waste collecting, ensuring no infection risk, ecc…

Both the buckets and the lids are easily 100% recyclable.

Main characteristics:

  • manufactured in 100% rigid and waterproof polypropylene;
  • special lid which allow a TEMPORARILY or DEFINITIVELY closure at user’s discretion;
  • the first case gives the possibility to use the bucket again, after his sanification and sterilization;
  • personalizzazione con In-Mould Labelling.

Volume under lid: 16,90 L
Upper diameter: 293 mm
Height: 289 mm

Volume under lid: 18,20 L
Upper diameter: 293 mm
Height: 312 mm

Volume under lid: 18,80 L
Upper diameter: 293 mm
Height: 324 mm

Volume under lid: 19,80 L
Upper diameter: 293 mm
Height: 348 mm

Volume under lid: 21,40 L
Upper diameter: 313 mm
Height: 322 mm

Volume under lid: 27,00 L
Upper diameter: 341 mm
Height: 338 mm

Volume under lid: 32,00 L
Upper diameter: 361 mm
Height: 359 mm

Volume under lid: 61,20 L
Upper diameter: 418 mm
Height: 590 mm