Oval buckets

Gamma ovale

Capacity: from 6L to 19 litres

The oval shape allow the roller to remove the inside product and therefore make these buckets particularly indicated for packing paints.

Main characteristics:

  • pressure lids with rings for reopening;
  • wide front face for advertising;
  • perfect dimension to insert the roller;
  • buckets and lids white, transparent or coloured;
  • customized by In-Mould Labelling.

Volume under lid: 6,0 lt
Upper diameter: 194,5×281,3 mm
Height: 183,6 mm

Volume under lid: 13,1 lt
Upper diameter: 263,1×350,7 mm
Height: 222,5 mm

Volume under lid: 19 lt
Upper diameter: 263,1×350,7 mm
Height: 324 mm