Oval buckets

Gamma ovale

Capacity: from 6L to 19 litres

The oval shape allow the roller to remove the inside product and therefore make these buckets particularly indicated for packing paints.

Both the buckets and the lids are easily 100% recyclable.

Main characteristics:

  • pressure lids with rings for reopening;
  • wide front face for advertising;
  • perfect dimension to insert the roller;
  • buckets and lids white, transparent or coloured;
  • customized by In-Mould Labelling.

Volume under lid: 6,0 lt
Upper diameter: 194,5×281,3 mm
Height: 183,6 mm

Volume under lid: 13,1 lt
Upper diameter: 263,1×350,7 mm
Height: 222,5 mm

Volume under lid: 19 lt
Upper diameter: 263,1×350,7 mm
Height: 324 mm