Food & Petfood

The Food Safety is a particularly delicate issue, felt by our organization as strategic.
This has led us to undertake, since 2006 a long adaptation and development project aimed at complying with Regulation (EC) no. 2023/2006, concerning the good manufacturing practices of materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products (GMP Good Manufacturing Practices).

This commitment has allowed us, to be among the first organizations in the sector, to obtain in February 2020, the Accredited Certification FSSC 22000, Global Standard for Food Safety Management.

For our Food customers we:

  • use raw materials suitable for Food contact supplied by reference producers at an international level;
  • carry out constant assessment and management of risks for food safety ;
  • provide food conformity declarations as per Annex IV of Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011;
  • perform a structured and timed analytical plan to support compliance;
  • have a traceability system under Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004;
  • can provide packaging that complies with legislation different from EU (for instance FDA legislation)
  • have a know how for developing customized projects
  • manufacture packaging suitable for the use in the microwave , following test in conformity to the EN 15284:2007 Regulation


Olives, capers, spices, salts, fish preserves, honey, integrators and dietary supplements, mushrooms, jams, fruit preserves, citrus juices, vegetable preserves, bases for ice-cream, flavourings and fragrances, edible fats, sugar, artificial sweeteners, custards and raw materials for pastry and bakery, eggs, dehydrated fruits, pesto, fruits and vegetables, seeds, vegetable oils…

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