Food & Petfood

Casone works in GMP system (Good Manufacturing Practices) on the basis of Regulation (EC) no. 2023/2006, concerning good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

To ensure this, it launched in 2006, in close collaboration with the Italian Packaging Institute, an adjustment and development project in the aim of complying this new regulatory legislation and of satisfying the requirements relied to food safety.


– uses polypropylene suitable for food contact;

– follows the GMP manual assessment and management of risks to food safety;

– provides food conformity declarations as per Annex IV of Regulation ( EU) No . 10/2011;

– it provides the product migration tests;

– it has a traceability system under Regulation ( EC ) No . 1935/2004;

– can provide packaging that complies with FDA legislation.

The packaging are suitable for the use in the microwave , following test in conformity to the EN 15284:2007 Regulation


Olives, capers, spices, salts, fish preserves, honey, integrators and dietary supplements, mushrooms, jams, fruit preserves, citrus juices, vegetable preserves, bases for ice-cream, flavourings and fragrances, edible fats, sugar, artificial sweeteners, custards and raw materials for pastry and bakery, eggs, dehydrated fruits, pesto, fruits and vegetables, seeds, vegetable oils…