Environmental Policy


Development and sustainability are the principles that guide us

Casone S.p.A. is well aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment, therefore it is committed to reduce all risks related to the manufacturing of plastic packages and to the environmental impact of its End of Life products.

Thanks to this strong awareness, the company has undertaken to:

  • Replace the “conventional” oleo-dynamic machines with electric machinery with the purpose of achieving the following assets:
    • No oil used for operating;
    • No water used for cooling (as it is air operated);
    • Reduced noise impact;
    • Higher reliability;
    • Lower energy consumption.
  • Retrieve production discards (through grinding and drawing), to subsequently re-release them into the manufacturing process of packages for waste or of second choice packages, destined to all those markets/customers that implement policies strongly aiming to the respect for the environment;
  • Use post-consumer materials;
  • Develop the in-mould-labelling technology (thus abandoning all ink and solvents used in the traditional silkscreen and offset printing techniques, and reducing equipment handling);
  • Reduce the raw materials used

On a yearly basis, Casone performs tests on the amount of production waste, in order to supervise whether the actions it has been taking have proved effective.

The Environmental Policy is implemented through the definition of adequate human resources, of specialized technological skills as well as through the provision of financial resources that are essential for achieving these environmental goals.