Rectangular Range

The rectangular shape allow the buckets to be perfectly placed on the shelves and gives a wide front face for advertising. These characteristics make these buckets particularly indicated for packing products to be sold in the supermarket.

Main characteristics:

  • space efficient shape (both empty and full), decreasing the warehouse costs as well as the freight costs;
  • wide front face for advertising;
  • perfect dimension to insert the roller;
  • pressure lids with seal of guarantee on the bucket;
  • buckets and lids white, transparent or coloured;
  • In-Mould Labelling.


UN/ADR= UN packaging
B= barrier packaging
H= extra heavy packaging
2C= 2-Component Packaging
S= without handle | P= plastic handle | M= metal handle

Capacità raso bordo (lt)
Brimfull content (lt)
Capacité ras bord (lt)
Randvoll Kapazität (lt)
Ø Superiore (mm)
Ø Upper (mm)
Ø Supérieur (mm)
Ø Durchmesser (mm)
Ø Inferiore
Ø Lower
Ø Inférieur
Ø Durchmesser (mm)
Altezza (mm)
Height (mm)
Hauteur (mm)
Höhe (mm)
Gamma rettangolariPRIMO 3,5-R4233×153223,8×144128P/M
Gamma StandardPRIMO 3,7-R4.2219,3X184,9208X174120P
Gamma RettangolarePRIMO 5-R6.3269,6×181,6255,2×167,3151P/M
Gamma RettangolarePRIMO 6,5-R7.1219,3X184,9198,9×165,5212.5P
Gamma RettangolarePRIMO 8-R9269,6×181,6248,6×160,7221P/M
Gamma RettangolarePRIMO 11-R11,6270,6 x 180,8 287,3 x 198,0265,2P/M
Gamma RettangolarePRIMO 13-R13.9354×221333,2×201207P/M
Gamma RettangolarePRIMO 17-R17.8354×221328,6×196,4265P/M