“Primo” Range UN/ADR

The plastic buckets in this range are particularly suitable for those Customers who are looking for a light design with an elegant and essential shape. They guarantee excellent performance during stacking (both empty and full) as well as very good tight of the lids and easy handling.

Main characteristics:

  • pressure lids with seal of guarantee on the bucket;
  • lid for welding;
  • lid with gasket for perfect liquid tight;
  • lid with pouring spout for liquids;
  • lid for paint mixing machines;
  • lid for oil tight;
  • little lid to fill up the product;
  • lid for dispenser;
  • buckets and lids white, transparent or coloured;
  • UN/ADR approved buckets;
  • customized by In-Mould Labelling.


UN/ADR= UN packaging
B= barrier packaging
H= extra heavy packaging
2C= 2-Component Packaging
S= without handle | P= plastic handle | M= metal handle

Capacità raso bordo (lt)
Brimfull content (lt)
Capacité ras bord (lt)
Randvoll Kapazität (lt)
Ø Superiore (mm)
Ø Upper (mm)
Ø Supérieur (mm)
Ø Durchmesser (mm)
Ø Inferiore
Ø Lower
Ø Inférieur
Ø Durchmesser (mm)
Altezza (mm)
Height (mm)
Hauteur (mm)
Höhe (mm)
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 3,33.3186.2172.8140PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 55.7208.4184.5193.5M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 5-D5.7208.4184.3193.7M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 5,75.7186.2162.7248PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 6,56.4208.4192210.5M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 77.1208.4190236M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 10-B11.5251230260.2M/PUN
Gamma Tronconica PrimoPRIMO 10-L11.7294.4276192M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 1213265.5245.4263.5M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 1516.1293.1267274M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 2122.2298.5273.3360M/PUN
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 2626.8306.8278.5413M/PUN