Our plastic containers are designed to contain chemical products, food, pharmaceuticals and hospital waste and unless otherwise requested by the customer, they are produced exclusively with first choice polypropylene for contact with food.

Keeping in mind the environmental sustainability, we chose to carry out our containers also with regenerated and post-consumer materials, in order to reduce waste and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Every year we enrich and widen our range of containers, with the aim of producing innovative and high-performance packaging, that responds to the changing needs of the market.

In order to meet with any specific requirement from our Customers, we can produce customized packaging thanks to our Research and Development Team, who works in synergy with external design studios and highly selected mould producers.

As of today, our product range offers over 100 pails from 0,125 lt. up to 60 lt. capacity, conical, rectangular, cylindrical or oval in shape. All containers and lids can be customized through high definition images relying on the in-mould labelling technique.