EXTRA heavy

The buckets in  this range are particularly suitable for Customers who are looking for strong containers, stackable in more rows and handled  in difficult conditions (long transportation, high temperature).

They have reinforced walls which guarantee excellent performance during stacking and have a considerable dimensional stability.

Main characteristic:

  • reinforced walls;
  • pressure lids with seal of guarantee;
  • lid with gasket for perfect liquid tight;
  • lid with pouring spout for liquids;
  • buckets and lids white, transparent or coloured;
  • UN/ADR approved buckets;
  • customized by In-Mould Labelling.


UN/ADR= UN packaging
B= barrier packaging
H= extra heavy packaging
2C= 2-Component Packaging
S= without handle | P= plastic handle |  M=  metal handle

Capacità raso bordo (lt)
Brimfull content (lt)
Capacité ras bord (lt)
Randvoll Kapazität (lt)
Ø Superiore (mm)
Ø Upper (mm)
Ø Supérieur (mm)
Ø Durchmesser (mm)
Ø Inferiore
Ø Lower
Ø Inférieur
Ø Durchmesser (mm)
Altezza (mm)
Height (mm)
Hauteur (mm)
Höhe (mm)
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 2,52.5172.7165118P
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 3-A3.3183.8169.7140P
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 5-D5.7208.4184.3193.7M/P
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 99234.5218232.6M/P
Gamma PrimoPRIMO 10-B11.5251230260.2M/P
Gamma Tronconica PrimoPRIMO 10-L11.7294.4276192M/P
Gamma standardCC. 18000-R 18,8293,6260,8322,6 M/P
Gamma StandardCC. 19000 19,8293,6262 348 M/P
Gamma PrimoCC. 21000 21,4313281322M/P
Gamma StandardCC. 25000 27341310338M/P
Gamma StandardCC. 30000 32361326 359M/P
Gamma standardCC. 60000 61,2395342590P