Chemical & Pharmaceutical

CASONE S.P.A. manufactures robust, heavy-duty buckets, with reinforced walls ensuring excellent performances during both static and dynamic stacking.

These features make them specially adapted for containing heavy materials, such as bitumen and building materials, as well as paints and varnishes, thanks to specific lids for tinting machines and lids with gasket for a perfect liquid tight fit.

The robustness and dimensional stability of its containers enables Casone to be a trustworthy supplier also for the packaging of raw materials for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. All working methods comply with the 2023/2006 – GMP Regulation (Good Manufacturing Practices), thus ensuring a maximum of hygiene and safety to packaged products.

Most of the containers are certified for the transportation of dangerous goods, in accordance to UN/ADR regulations.


Putties, varnishes, paints, inks, colouring pastes, enamels, vinyl adhesives, epoxy resins, chlorine tablets, waterproofing materials for construction, bitumen, industrial coatings, mosaics, fertilizers, hand cleaning pastes, disinfectants, dyes for textile industry, plasters, lubricants, abrasives, dental pastes, pharmaceutical raw materials.